So, you just had a fantastic new patio put in in your backyard. You would possibly think that when it’s in, that’s it. Nothing left to do. Wrong. It’s essential to understand that there is some upkeep associated with owning a paver patio. It is important to complete the following frequently:

We find that spring is a superb time to complete patio maintenance. It’s going to keep your patio looking nice for the remainder of the year. Simply pressure wash the entire patio and apply a cleaning solution. There are a lot of types of cleaners made specifically for paver patios. No matter your wants (i.e. dirt vs. stains), you can be able to discover a cleaner that works for you. Just make certain that the cleaner is appropriate for pavers.

After you’ve pressure washed and cleaned your patio, you have to to re-set up your poly sand. The poly sand is a vital component to your paver patio. Without it, you will see that weeds will start to grow within the joints between the pavers and dirt will even start to accumulate. You may also have problems with shifting because water will get in between the paver joints.

Putting in the poly sand is definitely quite simple. Give the patio enough time to dry after pressure washing and cleaning it (1-2 days). Then apply the sand with a broom. Merely sweep the poly sand into the joints. It is a good idea to use a compactor during this process to help the poly sand settle into the joints. Upon getting made certain that every joint has an adequate quantity of poly sand, use a leaf blower to remove any excess sand from the patio. Finally, you’ll lightly apply water to the patio to permit the poly sand to set.

Lastly, it would be best to determine whether or not or to not seal your patio. While this is an optional step, most Shoppers find that it is quite beneficial. Sealing your patio will help protect it from staining, keep your poly sand from eroding at a quicker pace, protect it from fading, etc. The longevity of the sealer will differ from product to product and may be affected by the setting (i.e. publicity to sunlight, heavy traffic, etc.). There are lots of sealers to decide on from. It would be best to determine your wants and if you happen to want a water primarily based or solvent based mostly sealer. You will also want to determine the best type of sealer on your pavers. For example, some sealers can’t be used on wet cast pavers. You want to pay close consideration to what the directions say when choosing a sealer. Completing your research will assist to prevent you from damaging your paver patio.

After installing the poly sand, it would be best to give the patio plenty of time to dry before making use of the sealer. You will apply the sealer with a sprayer, making positive the entire patio is covered within the process. Directions for application can vary slightly from product to product, so make sure to observe the directions carefully. You should definitely pay shut consideration to the weather as most sealers need 24 hours of drying time before they can be uncovered to rainfall.

If the patio is maintained properly, it will look pristine and you will have fewer issues with things comparable to weeds and shifting.

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